About is the natural meeting point online for people who use vehicles privately or in their work, and whom care about the environment. We like to in an easily accessible way inform and educate motorists of various vehicle types how they can reduce their emissions of fumes and pollutants.


We cater to all parties concerned: companies, associations, car pools, municipalities, governments, organizations, private motorists etc. We believe that the key to using environmental work as a tool in order to improve both society and the environment, as well as profitability is good leadership.

We want to facilitate for you to educate staff, customers and suppliers in "smart" driving and by doing so reduce the greenhouse effect as well as saving money. Also private motorists have the possibility to take part of

Our education portal consists of educations based on web TV, suitable for both professional drivers and private motorists.

Within the educations, instructors in driver's environment teach various elements of thrifty and safe eco-driving, as well as experts within e.g. tires, environment and health participate.


Our experience is that the environmental work can become an advantageous strategy for everyone involved – you, the outside world and the environment. gives you the possibility of certification through self correcting tests as well as to easily receive answers to your questions and considerations regarding eco-driving.

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When you have finished the web based education, you receive a certificate. The portal is completely web based, which means that no installation of software is required. The only things you need as a visitor is a computer, an Internet connection, headphones or speakers!

In the same easy way as when you spend a nice evening in front of the TV, will have experts teach how you with a few simple measures can save 10-15%, up to 25% of your fuel costs. The exact savings depend on how good your driving habits already are and how well you practice the advice given in the education.

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